Thursday, January 16, 2020

It Is To Laff V4 funny mashups

Audioboots Mashup Forum & AtoZ
brings y’all this terrific new volume of
”It Is To Laff funny mashups”.
Various styles from various bootleggers
all intended to make you LOL.

Preview track from Voicedude -

88 Lines About 44 Presidents”


Access the complete album from mirror links here -


Thanks to all contributors!

All 3 previous volumes found down the page here -


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Audioboots Christmas 2019

Audioboots Mashup Forum
brings y’all this terrific new
”Christmas Mashups 2019” comp.
Various styles from various bootleggers
all in the Holiday themes you prefer.

Video Preview from Al Colle -

Al Colle - "I Like Christmas" ( Mariah Carey vs Cardi B )

Christmas Preview

Full album zip file linked from mirrors here -

link 1

or here -

link 2

Thanks to all contributors!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

DJ Useo In Las Vegas

"DJ Useo In Las Vegas"
has 16 new variety style mashups.

Preview track "It's The Time For Love"
( Lush vs FlexXTronic )


Stream or d/l here -

Link 1

or alt link here -

Link 2

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Halloween! - Monster Mashups to Play In The Dark collection

Here's the Sixteenth annual Monster Mashup album!
”Monster Mashups To Play In The Dark”
as compiled by Count Jeremy Girard.

Three ‘discs’ of seasonal bootlegs
by many top home producers, plus bonus tracks!

Preview track DRA’man - “Sweet Dragula” ( Rob Zombie vs Eurythmics ) here -


Obtain all three discs from link here -


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

DJ Useo - Halloween ep 2016

Holy sneck! It's my
12th annual Halloween
mashup ep.

13 new seasonal mashups
sure to satisfy your
Samhain bootleg desires.

Preview track
"Eat Me Alive, Boris The Spider"
( The Who vs Judas Priest )
found here -


Mirror links for complete ep zip file with covers, text, & tracks here -

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

10 more DJ Useo Halloween ep’s down the page here -


DJ Useo - Halloween ep 2019 Single-Track
All 13 tracks in one stream. Trick, or treat!


Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents What I Mashed Last Summer group comp

"The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents The World Of Mashups"

The IOB is pleased again to offer you
another cool new mashups comp.
Thanks to all the featured producers.

Preview track from Robin Skouteris -
"Old Bad SeƱorita"
( Billie Eilish vs Lil Nas X vs Billy R. Cyrus
vs Shawn Mendes vs Camila Cabello )


Mirror link 1 -

mirror 1

Mirror link 2 -

mirror 2

Mirror link 3 -

mirror 3

More Institute Of Bootleggers mashup albums here -

POCKAGE The New Useo Mashup Album

"DJ Useo - Pockage"
has 19 new variety style mashups.

Preview track "How Do You Want Toxygene"
( 2Pac vs The Orb vs Ganja Kru )


Stream or d/l here -

Link 1

or alt link here -

Link 2