Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SANTASTIC 7 All-New Christmas Mashups

DJ BC presents the 7th Annual All-new Christmas-themed "SANTASTIC" collection. It's a wonderful album, & you get it whether you've been good , or bad! Tracks from DJ BC, Voicedude, ATOM, Instamatic & so very many more mix greats! Link

S.I.R. - Strictly 2012: Let's Go To The Mash Mall

"Strictly 2012: Let's go to the Mash Mall" compiles this year's best S.I.R. songs - your favorite tunes in all new versions. Link


A New Collection Of The Best Mashups by French Talent Jarod Ripley. Tres Magnifique! link

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beatles:The Next Generation

BDJ's 'Cellar Full Of Remixes' presents 'BEATLES:THE NEXT GENERATION'. A full hour show as concieved by BDJ starring the children of the originals. Listen or download here- Link

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mashed N Slashed Halloween Mashups

Mashed ‘n’ Slashed - The Mashup Industries Halloween EP It’s that time of the year. Three years after The Bride Of Monster Mashup, Mashup Industries gave the Halloween tradition another shot! Mashed ‘n’ Slashed is a 9 tracks EP. DJ Nono, Voicedude, Cheekyboy, LeeDM101 & more are on this 2009 collection. Go and grab the whole thing. Listen

Mash-Up Your Halloween

presented & compiled by DJ Morgoth: 18 collected Halloween mashups. MUYB

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin On Your Stereo


Phantom Of The Mashupera


Livercool - Real Gone Dub

1.Free Now/Paul McCartney,The Beatles,Super Furry Animals,.3.28.. 2.Real Gone Dub In Manifest In The Vortex Of The Eternal Now/Paul McCartney/Youth.16.37.. 3.Arizona Light/The Fireman..8.42.. 4.Auraveda/The Fireman...12.49.. 5.Plastic Beetle/Paul McCartney/The Beatles...8.23.. 6.Deliverence(Steve Anderson Mix)/Paul McCartney..8.47.. 7.Transpiritual Stomp/The Fireman...9.04... 8.Sunrise Mix/The Fireman...8.18... 9.Live And Let Die/Paul McCartney/Freelance Hellraiser..3.31... Thank's 2 Paul McCartney,The Beatles,The Fireman,Youth,The Super Furry Animals,Roy Kerr,& Steve Anderson.... Kick Out The Jams!!!!... Stream or download wav file- link 1 Stream or download mp3 file- link 2

Monday, September 24, 2012

Funkorelic Does The The (43.26)

Funkorelic is a master at mixing The The. Hear his masterpiece '(10 TRACK ALBUM) The The - Pornography Of Despair (43.26) ' & you'll be one happy camper. Listen or stream here- link

Voicedude Petty/Level 42 Video

Check out Voicedude's great video for his Tom Petty/Level 42 mashups from the new SUS 80s Mashed 2 collection. video Full 3-disc album available here- link

Classic Sixties Mashups Collection Volume 17

Here's another volume of the best Sixties mashups ever. It features some of the greatest 60s tunes re-done for the modern age by 17 of the biggest home producers.
Listen here- link