Monday, September 24, 2012

Funkorelic Does The The (43.26)

Funkorelic is a master at mixing The The. Hear his masterpiece '(10 TRACK ALBUM) The The - Pornography Of Despair (43.26) ' & you'll be one happy camper. Listen or stream here- link

Voicedude Petty/Level 42 Video

Check out Voicedude's great video for his Tom Petty/Level 42 mashups from the new SUS 80s Mashed 2 collection. video Full 3-disc album available here- link

Classic Sixties Mashups Collection Volume 17

Here's another volume of the best Sixties mashups ever. It features some of the greatest 60s tunes re-done for the modern age by 17 of the biggest home producers.
Listen here- link