Monday, November 16, 2009

Budtheweiser's The Laff Your Ass Off Mix

Check it out!
Here's the entire IT IS 2 LAFF funny mashup album
made into a GREAT mix!

You'd think it would be
impossible to mix all the
disparate styles contained
on LAFF 2,but you'd have
reckoned without the massive
talent of BUDTHEWEISER!!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Institute Presents DJ Newlight's Tour Tracks

dj newlight tour tracks playlist

one-Light My Love Fire (The Doors vs Hot Rocks vs Richard Grey Presents Luv Booty Foundation)

two-London Acid Oceanic Space (Lochi vs Section)

three-Technologic Starbucks (M.Doughty vs Daft Punk vs Atom vs Robosonic)

four-Popiholla Catch (Kosheen vs Chicane)

five-Oxy Crystal Love (New Order vs The Sweet)

six-Inspiral Cars (Inspiral Carpets vs The Cars vs Adam Ant)

seven-21st Century Love Parade Girl (Groove Coverage vs Tweetwoof)

eight-Say What You Beatbox Wash (Dust Junkies vs Ian Carey & Mochico vs Fuzzy Hair vs Steve Angello)
nine-Ready For Rocking (Breeze vs Sandra Flyn)

ten-Daddy Sounds To Sunrise (Benny Benassi vs Poli Vs. E-Fact)

eleven-Enjoying The Fat House Sound (L.A.Dream Team vs T Boy vs A.B. vs Jan Vervloet vs Julius MC)
twelve-Enjoy This Elegy Trip (Underground DJ vs Lobotomy inc vs Dark System)
thirteen-Since You've Been Stars (Master Blaster vs Pinball feat. Alberto Tapia)
fourteen-Go Heartbreak (Moby vs Freemasons f/ Sophie Ellis-Bexter)

I made this record for the institute of bootleggers
all tracks were created when i had some time to myself
as i went around 3 us states this last summer
thanks to the guys at get your bootleg on
for influencing me a lot

-tee (dj newlight)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Okay New Record Coming - Get READY!!!

The Institute Of Bootleggers
is proud to announce...

Well... that we are releasing a
new mashup collection.
This comes to us from...

Soon...September 1 2009 even.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blitzkrieg Brass (Budtheweiser)

A finestkind blend from volume 1.
A few peeps missed this in the initial release.

It's added now,but in case you missed it,
here's the solo track.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

DJ Useo - Glee ep

Hey y'all-Here's 3 past releases
from my beat-boot-ique period.
& then 2 new unreleased tracks.
01-Speed Of Tomorrow (David Bowie vs Gorillaz vs Chic)
02-Love Rocket (Donna Summer vs Suicide)
03-The Rhayader Game (Camel vs George Morel)
04-Sos Yo Mama (Jonas Brothers vs GMS vs Domestic)
05-Mr Brown Lost In Space (Angry Kids vs Bob Marley
vs Mr Data vs 10 Below)


Friday, May 15, 2009


I heard from a few pc users who had trouble with the zip files
of the comp,so here you have more pc-friendly links.

Direct Links here for both parts as rar files-

target="_blank">Download 1
target="_blank">Download 2

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents Vol.1

Welcome to the initial release from
The Institute Of Bootleggers.
These tracks are time-tested,
& personally chosen to
represent the mixers in the best light.

All are newly mastered & perfect for 2009 & beyond.


The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents Vol.1


01-Pop Generation (Miss Frenchie) M vs The Who
02-02-U Not Alone (DJ Le Clown) Will Smith vs Michael Jackson vs The
03-Nightingale Calling In The Air (DJ M.i.F.) Phil Collins vs. Yanni
vs. Rarebirds
04-Believe in Glory Box (Funk That Shit Productions) Cher vs.
05-Summertime Dance Comes Undone (Alpha1999) Duran Duran vs Beres
vs Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
06-Lollipop At Home (Tizwarz) Lil Wayne vs Peach Candy
07-Tour De Reckless (Sfreeman) Ice T vs Kraftwerk
08-(Cold-Hearted) Timebomb [2009 Remastered Version] (World Famous
Audio Hacker)
Beck vs The Hives vs The Vines vs Skinny Puppy vs Paula Abdul vs Salt
'n Pepa
vs Young MC, and some others
09-There they Rise (Guv'nor) Krafty Kuts vs Kurd Maverick
10-The Littlest Mashup (DJ Dylan) Snoop Dogg vs The Littlest Hobo
11-Psycho Robots (Virtual DJ) Talking Heads vs Kraftwerk
12-This is How We Vibe (DJ Spider) Montel Jordan vs R Kelly
13-Pajama Rain (DJ Petrushka) Freemasons vs Eric Prydz
14-Tell It To My Heart (Neil Thompson's Jules Dance Show Rework)
Taylor Dayne vs DJ Roland Clark & Freestyle
15-Sex,Bhangra & Rock 'n' Roll (DJ Newlight) Krid P vs Brooklyn Bounce
16-Stoppin' the Train of Love (mARKYbOy) The Supremes vs Soul Asylum
17-Blitzkrieg Brass (Budtheweiser) Ramones vs The Nutley Brass
18-Don't Give Up Bad Runner (DJ Useo) Chicane vs Bodinski
19-Voyage 34 (DreamTime Mix) Porcupine Tree


Direct Links here for both parts as zip files-

target="_blank">part 1
target="_blank">part 2

The Institute Of Bootleggers Credo

The Institute Of Bootleggers Credo


Hey That Sounds Good,
I Think I Will Mix With It.
The Pella,The Mental,The Loop,
These Are My Life's Blood.
Listen & Comment Lest Ye Be Banned.
Right-Click To Save.


mashup mp3

The Institute Of Bootleggers Welcomes You

The Institute Of Bootleggers
Welcomes You


Greets,lover of fine bootlegs.
We,the founders,members,& lurkers
of the Institute Of Bootleggers
say unto you,

Through the auspices of our Institute
many collections & singles will be posted on this site
in coming months.

Bookmark the site & give the address out to your friends.
Download & comment if you will.
As founder DJ Useo says 'Not Mandatory'.

But forget this site & risk missing
the kind of music that will grab you now
& have you nostalgic later.
Welcome to the beginning of fun for all of us.
& who doesn't like a little fun?

Mashup mp3

-DJ Secretary