Monday, December 22, 2014

Zigmond Fraud - Crumblepang mashup album

Zigmond Fraud presents to you “Crumblepang”.
A 10 track LP of Electronic Mashes and Juxtapositions

It is predominantly instrumental, but there are some vocals here and there.

Available here-

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

S.I.R. - Strictly 2014: The Show Is Over (2014)

S.I.R. - Strictly 2014: The Show Is Over (2014)
16 superb S.I.R. mashups.

Full playlist, and links available here-


DJ BC presents SANTASTIC 9 Christmas mashups

"DJ BC presents SANTASTIC 9 Christmas mashups".
Ninth year in a row! Lots of producers!

All brand new Christmas bootleg/m@sh-ups & videos.
MP3's are 320kbps // Videos are MP4

Available here-


DJ Schmolli’s Mashup Advent Calendar

DJ Schmolli’s Mashup Advent Calendar
Newly assembled, and released.

24 delightful bootleg mixes to lead you up to Christmas.

Available here-


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DAVIE STENNOX - THE MASHYTHMICS (The Eurythmics Bootlegs - 2013)

Marvel to this fully loaded original collection of
incredible Eurythmics tribute mashups.
Compilation arranged by Davie Stennox.
Check out that super fine assortment of mixers!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Davie Stennox - The Mashythmics II (The Eurythmics Bootlegs Rebooted - 2014)

Marvel to this fully loaded sequel collection of
incredible Eurythmics tribute mashups.
Compilation arranged by Davie Stennox.
Check out that super fine assortment of mixers!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Mashup Album-AtoZ-DJ Useo-The Sinister Season

AtoZ teams up with DJ Useo becoming AtoZeo,
resulting in a wonderful spooky Halloween album,
"The Sinister Season--in a Moony Mood".

We've been mixing on these tracks off
& on for a year, and it shows!

I've never done a mash-up compilation where the mixing was so
integrated between two people.

You'll love how your skin crawls with Samhain satisfaction,
when you hear the one disc selection of 24 terror-filled tracks.

Full 401.63 MB zip file contains one discs worth of single tracks,
plus a long single-track mix version, with tons of extra samples.

File link here -


Preview the comp with the long single-track version found here -

Preview Single Track

Monster Mashup X 40 track comp for Halloween!

Good evening Boos and Ghouls...
Monster Mashup, and Mashup of the Day
Monster Mashup
are proud to present Monster Mashup X!

40 spine-tingling tracks on 2 terrifying discs!
Featuring monstrous mashups, wicked remixes, ominous originals,
and even a few tracks that have been hiding in dark corners of the web!

There are even tracks visiting from AtoZ and DJ Useo's album;
The Sinister Season: In a Moony Mood!

Contributing artists include:
Alan Black, AtoZ, Bobby C Sound TV, Bros Rock Crew, Ceasar K,
Cheekyboy, Dan Absent, dj BC, DJ Deville, DJ Hal & MC Rowena,
DJ Palermo, DJ Schmolli, DJ Shokkout, DJ ShyBoy, DJ Spider,
DJ Useo, Fettdog, Fissunix, Frail Limb Purity, G3RSt, G4Gorilla,
Gatzilla Mashup, Hot Couture, JP, Kill_mR_DJ, Morpheus Mashup,
Pilchard, Romano Gemini, Skeewiff, Stefano Ercolino, and Voicedude!

That's it, no more talking... Click! Download! Listen! Enjoy! Share! Spread! Go!
Oh, and do it twice to make sure you get BOTH albums!

Disc one links -

Link 1

Link 2

Disc two links -

Link 1

Link 2

Sunday, July 27, 2014

TjT - The Edge Of Helter Skelter : Beatles Mashups

TjT sez -

"Though I have one more collection of odds and ends remixes,
and mashups to finish organizing and putting out,
"The Edge Of Helter Skelter" will likely be my swan song of Beatles mashups.

Over 3 years in the making now, this is my opus attempt at either remixing songs,
or mashing them with other songs. As always, there will be some examples of songs
you really like and a couple you don't like (that seems to be typical), but yet I like them all.

The highlight to me is the title song, which seems very fitting.
The first track from this was started a few years ago now,
the "Nowhere To Go" track that was on the last "Tuned To A Natural E" volume,
and that is a really great track that seemed a fitting eulogy to this kind of compilation,
as it is harder and harder to come of with new things, thus "Nowhere To Go".

But I did have some inspirations along the way.
So, anyways, I hope you find some tracks that you like on this or enjoy the whole compilation!"

Available here -


Go Home Productions -Spliced Krispies Vol 2

NEW Go Home Productions "Spliced Krispies Vol 2" (2014)
The follow-up to 2008's 'Spliced Krispies'.

12 brand new GHP bootleg/m@sh-ups & videos.
MP3's are 320kbps // Videos are MP4

Available here-


Mighty Mike - Coldplay Mashup Album

Mighty Mike - Coldplay Mashup Album

Mighty Mike Sez -

"Hey Folks !
It's no secret, I love Coldplay and for the last years,
made a lot of mashups with them.
It was time to gather them into one compilation,
so here they are : 12 tracks and 5 unreleased ones.

Hope you'll enjoy it !"

Stream, or d/l here -


Friday, June 27, 2014

80's Mashed vol 3: All New!

I am very happy to present the first Audioboots album: 80's Mashed vol 3

The best 80's artists mixed by 23 bootleggers: 43 mashups, 3 hours of music.

With AtoZ, chocomang, DJ MXR,
DJ Petrushka, DJ Rudec, DJ Useo,
DRA'man, Eternal Khaos, Fieesto,
g4gorilla, Jarod Ripley, Jesus Cadena,
Leigh Scratch Fenlon, mARKYbOY,
Michmash, Mixcut, Oki, pomDeter,
rillen rudy, Sjoerjse, song49, Spider, ToToM


Links for the 2 discs are found here-
80s MASHED 3

Find the former two volumes down the page here-

SUMMER BOOTY 2014 The Summer Mashup Album

I present to you the eighth annual all-new
SUMMER BOOTY 2014 The Summer Mashup Album.
It represents 27 producers giving you their idea
of eternal Summer in a mix.

There are great tracks from Voicedude, DJ Zebra, DRA'man,AtoZ,
TjT, Spider, Chocomang, mARKYbOY, Solcofn, DJ Rudec, MP3J,
& so many more over the course of 3 discs,
and 3 & 1/2 hours.

Enough mashups to last all Summer!

Many thanks to the generous contributors!

Check out the playlists! It's excellent to the last track!

Preview track video from
Voicedude & BobbyG
" I Like The Way Godzilla Works It "
( Blackstreet vs Blue Oyster Cult ) here-


Disc one links-

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Disc two links-

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Disc three links-

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

All three discs in one file link here-

All 3

Budtheweiser is mixing them as long mix versions for later! Woot!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014



Finally! A new volume of MashPolish is released, after 8 months.
This time, they offer you 16 tasty, POLISH mashups!
(not only with polish samples) and one BONUS mixtape.


MUYB 7-Year Anniversary: Mash-Up Your Movies

MUYB 7-Year Anniversary: Mash-Up Your Movies

Movies & Mashups always go well together.
All these Mashups contains at least one movie/series theme,
or songs made famous by movies or even people connect
special movie scenes with these tunes.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chocomang - Italo-Disco vs Metal Album: All new!

Do you remember ? In the 80's between 1983 and 1985.
While the United states was banging head over 80's hard rock ,
lItalo-disco suddenly invaded Europe, taking the top of the charts.
In 1986, the Italo-disco wave was over and the genre was definitively cheesy.

Maybe you were not born, and you did not had the opportunity to live this incredible moment in music history.
Or maybe you are nostalgic about the incredible sound of electronic drums !
Don't Panic, I am here to bring Italo-disco back to life, but this time it is mixed with Metal pella,
because it's fun and I like Metal music.

Some intros were modified for soundcloud. Please download the original versions my web site.

Listen and download here -


Even more 80s mashups in the album 80’s mashed vol 3 to be released in June 2014.


Do you want more ? here it is, a Bonus album mixing Italo-disco with Pop.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Legend Of Mashups - 19 Producers

DJ Useo Presents
The Legend Of Mashups

feat Churchill, BRAT,idc,
FaultSide, Ultra396, TIM G, and many more!

Thanks to all mixers featured!

Full zip file found here-

Link 1

or here-

Link 2

Preview track -

"Everybodys Wants Du Hast"
( Tears For Fears vs Rammstein vs Nacim Ladj )

stream, or d/l here-


Friday, April 4, 2014

Zoot Boot volume 2 - RetroMashes

It took a while, but here it is ; Zootboot vol.2.

16 new mashups and remixes with pre-1950 sources
mixed by your fave bootleggers.

Zip file link, and video links here-


Amazing video files here-


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mashups From Outer Space Volume Two

"The Vinyl Frontier : Mashups From Outer Space volume 2".

Ready your ears for a new album
full of Sci-Fi oriented mixes from
G3rst, Chocomang, AtoZ, Funkorelic,
DJ Petrushka, oki, and me.

The full zip file including exclusive artwork,
detailed notes, and video URLs
can be accessed from either of these links-

Link 1

Link 2

A superb single-track mix from AtoZeo
includes all thirteen tracks, plus extra samples
and can be streamed or d/l-ed here-


Volume one is still available here-

Volume 1

Please spread the word,
before the MEN IN BLACK strike! Lol!