Monday, October 31, 2016

DJ Useo - Intense Psychedelia 11 mashups

It's the return of the Intense Psychedelia series.
By request of many I speak to.
Thanks to all who asked for more.

Here's a link for the preview track

"Hey Ziggy"
( David Bowie vs Jimi Hendrix )


Mirror links for the entire zip file, including text, & covers are here -

Link 1

or here -

Link 2

or here -

Link 3

Mashups for demonstration purposes only.

All previous Intense Psychedelia volumes found here -


Monday, October 24, 2016

The Institute of Bootleggers-Astro Mashups

"The Institute Of Bootleggers - Astro Mashups"

Many of us enjoyed long hours mixing
these cool new mashups for you.
Thanks to all the featured mixers.

Mirror link 1 -

mirror 1

Mirror link 2 -

mirror 2

Mirror link 3 -

mirror 3

More Institute Of Bootleggers mashup albums here -


Monday, October 17, 2016

Return of the Living Monster Mashup Group Album

Here's the Eleventh annual Monster Mashup album!
”Return of the Living Monster Mashup”
as compiled by Count Jeremy Girard.

Three ‘discs’ of seasonal bootlegs
by many top home producers.

Heres a link for the video preview track -

“A Thrilling Night Of Evil Dead In A Haunted House”
( TStevo In Yr Stereo )


Obtain all three discs from mirror links here -