Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents Vol.1

Welcome to the initial release from
The Institute Of Bootleggers.
These tracks are time-tested,
& personally chosen to
represent the mixers in the best light.

All are newly mastered & perfect for 2009 & beyond.


The Institute Of Bootleggers Presents Vol.1


01-Pop Generation (Miss Frenchie) M vs The Who
02-02-U Not Alone (DJ Le Clown) Will Smith vs Michael Jackson vs The
03-Nightingale Calling In The Air (DJ M.i.F.) Phil Collins vs. Yanni
vs. Rarebirds
04-Believe in Glory Box (Funk That Shit Productions) Cher vs.
05-Summertime Dance Comes Undone (Alpha1999) Duran Duran vs Beres
vs Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
06-Lollipop At Home (Tizwarz) Lil Wayne vs Peach Candy
07-Tour De Reckless (Sfreeman) Ice T vs Kraftwerk
08-(Cold-Hearted) Timebomb [2009 Remastered Version] (World Famous
Audio Hacker)
Beck vs The Hives vs The Vines vs Skinny Puppy vs Paula Abdul vs Salt
'n Pepa
vs Young MC, and some others
09-There they Rise (Guv'nor) Krafty Kuts vs Kurd Maverick
10-The Littlest Mashup (DJ Dylan) Snoop Dogg vs The Littlest Hobo
11-Psycho Robots (Virtual DJ) Talking Heads vs Kraftwerk
12-This is How We Vibe (DJ Spider) Montel Jordan vs R Kelly
13-Pajama Rain (DJ Petrushka) Freemasons vs Eric Prydz
14-Tell It To My Heart (Neil Thompson's Jules Dance Show Rework)
Taylor Dayne vs DJ Roland Clark & Freestyle
15-Sex,Bhangra & Rock 'n' Roll (DJ Newlight) Krid P vs Brooklyn Bounce
16-Stoppin' the Train of Love (mARKYbOy) The Supremes vs Soul Asylum
17-Blitzkrieg Brass (Budtheweiser) Ramones vs The Nutley Brass
18-Don't Give Up Bad Runner (DJ Useo) Chicane vs Bodinski
19-Voyage 34 (DreamTime Mix) Porcupine Tree


Direct Links here for both parts as zip files-

target="_blank">part 1
target="_blank">part 2


  1. Hey Useo!

    A fine collection of tunes and bootleggers! Some absolute classics on here. Thanks for the inclusion.

    Love the artwork too....


  2. Hi Useo

    Great selection of tracks here. I agree with Marky, some absolute classics !

    Thanks for the inclusion.


  3. Hey Useo,

    Wow - what a comp! Thanks so much for using one of my tracks - I'm truly honoured to be in such esteemed company....


    Neil T

  4. This is a fine collection to have on hand. Thanks for both pulling it together & posting it!

  5. Thank you so much, great comp.... Boh! selectah!!!!