Sunday, July 27, 2014

TjT - The Edge Of Helter Skelter : Beatles Mashups

TjT sez -

"Though I have one more collection of odds and ends remixes,
and mashups to finish organizing and putting out,
"The Edge Of Helter Skelter" will likely be my swan song of Beatles mashups.

Over 3 years in the making now, this is my opus attempt at either remixing songs,
or mashing them with other songs. As always, there will be some examples of songs
you really like and a couple you don't like (that seems to be typical), but yet I like them all.

The highlight to me is the title song, which seems very fitting.
The first track from this was started a few years ago now,
the "Nowhere To Go" track that was on the last "Tuned To A Natural E" volume,
and that is a really great track that seemed a fitting eulogy to this kind of compilation,
as it is harder and harder to come of with new things, thus "Nowhere To Go".

But I did have some inspirations along the way.
So, anyways, I hope you find some tracks that you like on this or enjoy the whole compilation!"

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