Monday, May 23, 2016

Chillax Come Down 2, Mashups To Chill Your Boots. All New!

"Chillax Come Down 2"

From Audioboots mashup forum here’s 2 full discs worth of
all new chill style mashups by big bootleg talents.

A direct sequel to 2010's "SoundUnsound Chillax Come Down".

The wonderful "Chillax Come Down" is still available here -

Chillax 1

Chillax Come Down 2 Trailer Video here -


Mirror links for CHILLAX 2 are here -


Listen to KOPIMI RADIO w/ Mazanga Von Badman 3 hour CHILLAX 2 episode.

Complete show available here -


Previous Audioboots mashup albums can be found down the page here -

Mashup Albums

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